Supervision as Inquiry
A Workshop for Experienced Therapists Interested to Explore the Premises of their Evolving Practice
Facilitator: Farhad Dalal
Day to day psychotherapy practice continually tests established convention; one inevitably finds oneself breaking one or other of the ‘rules’. We either keep these slips to ourselves because of feeling ashamed, or we take them to supervision where they are often understood as some form of ‘acting out’. Despite this, over time this drift become consolidated as new norms which come to constitute ‘my way of working’. Consequently, therapists one can come to feel increasingly at odds with the ways of thinking in the community they trained with.

Are these really new ways of working and thinking, or mere lapses on the part of the practitioner born of drift, sloppiness and a lack of rigour? The workshop will invite participants to take up the transgressions as opportunities for inquiring into and questioning the taken for granted premises of the theories and ways of thinking that the therapist subscribes to.
Saturday, April 18
9 am to 6 pm

Cost £90 (lunch included)

4 to 6 participants (max)

Structure of the day
Group discussion will be the primary mode of engagement and learning.
Participants will be  required to prepare for the workshop by
doing some prescribed reading
bringing case material pertinent to the    questions and themes of the workshop.
Please email or ring me if you are interested in taking part.
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