Specialists Without Spirit; Sensualists without Heart: Psychotherapy as a Moral Endeavour
London, 2012
Prejudice as Ideology:
The Creation of 'Us' and 'Them' Groups in Society (and Psychoanalysis)
The Freud Museum
London, 2014
Introduction to the Challenging the Congnitive Behavioural Therapies Conference
Totnes, 2014
Statistical Spin; Linguistic Obfuscation: The Art of Overselling the CBT Evidence Base
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The Individual & The Group:
The Twin Tyrannies of Internalism & Individualism
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The Bureaucratic Appropriation of Thought
(or) Why Discrimination is Preferable to Tolerance
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Forgiving the Unforgivable:
Mortals, Saints & Sinners
Reflective Citizens, Paralyzed Citizens Conference,
Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
A Rumination on Intimacy and its Defences in the Consulting Room
London 2014
The Analytic & The Relational
Inquiring into Psychotherpay Practice
Institute of Group Analysis
London, 2016
The Ethics of Equality and Diveristy in Organizational Life
Granada, Spain, 2016
Why Discrimination is Preferable to Tolerance
NELFT Psychological Therapies Conference
September 2015
Group Analysis in the Time of Austerity
Barbara Dick Annual Memorial Lecture
Group Analysis North
Manchester 2016
Back to the Rough Ground: From Predictability to Radical Uncertainty
An Attitude to a Soul
Soul Searching, Soul Making, Soul Breaking
Totnes, 2016
How Could They?
Hyper-rational Responsibility and the Ethics of Managerialism
'Toxic Organizations',Totnes, 2018
Lost in Translation: The Music of the Emotions
Soul Searching, Soul Making, Soul Breaking
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Introduction to Limbus Conference
'Toxic Organizations: Hyper-rationality, Managerialism and the Fetishization of Measurement',
Totnes, 2018